Every year, nearly 10 million people are issued a temporary non-immigrant US visa, which allows them to live in the United States temporarily. They benefit from over 20 temporary non-immigrant US visa types, including visitor visas, student visas, work visas, investor visas, family member visas, and more. Many of the non-immigrant US visas allow a foreign national to live and work in the USA for a specific time period (e.g., up to 1-5 years), depending on the US visa type and other factors, and may have an option for renewal.


America’s solid economic growth has been responsible for the creation of a monthly average of 200,000 new jobs in the country. However, due to the lack of available workers, there are over 6 million unfilled US job vacancies. Therefore, some 800,000 foreign workers and their eligible family members are approved each year for relocation to the United States through several temporary non-immigrant US work visa programs. This includes up to 500,000 H-Visas for specialty occupations and 150,000 L-Visas for intracompany transferees, among others. If you meet the required standards and qualify, you may be able to live and work in America.

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